OnePlus Nord, the low-cost smartphone will have four cameras

The OnePlus Nord, low-cost smartphone of the Chinese company, will have four cameras and the Snapdragon 765 chipset with support for super-fast network

Not two, not three but even four cameras. Will this be how the photo department of the future OnePlus Nord, formerly OnePlus Z, will be composed? According to the German leaker Max J. yes, the future midrange smartphone (but lowcost) of OnePlus will have four lenses and not two, as it seemed from the first leaks, or three, as it seemed from the subsequent ones.

Max J. has thrown the rock of the four cameras on Twitter, with an image quite cryptic: an inscription "sooooN" in which instead of each "or" there is a camera lens. The meaning is therefore multiple: the next smartphone from OnePlus will have four sensors, will arrive soon (soon, in English) and will be called "North" as the capital "N" suggests. Among the comments, of course, there are those who disagree and believe that the rear cameras will be three and manifests it with a response image: "Nooo". The real problem with Max J.'s tweet, however, is that the German leaker has thrown the stone and hidden his hand: to his followers who ask slightly more specific questions he doesn't answer.

OnePlus Nord: the four cameras

Max J.'s hypothesis, then, is that the rear photo sensors of the OnePlus Nord that will arrive soon will be four. But Max J. doesn't offer any more details. Early rumors spoke of only two sensors: the 48 MP main one accompanied by a 16 MP ultra-wide-angle lens. Then other rumors came out that also talked about a third sensor: a 2 MP macro. Now Max J. is talking about four sensors and the fourth could be either a 2 MP depth sensor or an infrared color filter similar to the one on the recently released OnePlus 8 Pro. Finally, there's the last hypothesis that shouldn't be discarded since Max J. doesn't answer specific questions about it: the four sensors will be in total, so three rear ones plus the selfie camera.

OnePlus Nord: the other features

Photo department aside, rumors abound about the rest of the OnePlus Nord's technical features as well. We speak, in fact, of a 6.4-inch OLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC (which would bring as a dowry the 5G connection), 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM and a large 4,000 mAh battery. The latter would be compatible with OnePlus Warp Charge technology for smart fast charging. Nothing is known yet, however, of the final price of this device.