OnePlus Nord, unveiled the meaning of the name and the price

Unveiled the meaning of the name of the OnePlus Nord. Also announced the price: the smartphone will cost less than $ 500

After many rumors we now officially know that the next smartphone OnePlus "cheap" will be called OnePlus North. We also know why this strange name and, above all, we know at what price it will be sold in Europe.

All this information is official and comes from the two founders of OnePlus: Carl Pei and Pete Lau, so we have no doubts about the reliability. Cal Pei, on Twitter, announced that the name "North" means, simply, "North": "Some people have asked what the name North means. It comes from the concept of true north. Each of us has this inner compass that guides us. This product line reminds us to always look for our true north and we hope it will continue to remind you of yours." Pete Lau, on the other hand, confirmed that the price of the OnePlus Nord will be less than 500 euros.

OnePlus Nord: technical specifications

Many of the components that will make up the OnePlus Nord's spec sheet have yet to be revealed. Two things, however, are already certain: it will be based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC and will have 5G connectivity. The Snapdragon 765G is a mid-range, octa-core SoC with a maximum frequency of 2.4 GHz. It integrates an Adreno 620 GPU and supports maximum LPDDR4 memories up to 2,133 MHz, with a maximum denomination of 12 GB.

The integrated modem is the X52 5G, which allows you to get about half of the maximum theoretical performance under 5G coverage. As for the camera department, on the other hand, Pete Lau said, "With the OnePlus Nord we are bringing a flagship-class camera to the mid-range price range, I think consumers will be thrilled."

OnePlus Nord and the OnePlus range

When it arrived on the global market in early 2014, OnePlus had a very clear goal: to offer high-end devices at extremely affordable prices. Goal achieved, for many years in a row. But in recent times the situation has changed: today OnePlus smartphones are flasgships with flagship prices. The price/feature ratio of these smartphones is still very good, but comparable to that of other devices produced in the Far East. Probably this is what the OnePlus Nord will be used for: to bring to the market the best mid-range possible, at the best possible price. A maneuver similar, to understand us, to that made by Apple with the new iPhone SE and Google with the A versions of its Pixel.

How much will cost the OnePlus Nord

The Chinese company has also let slip the launch price of the device: $ 500. It will probably come in Italy and Europe at 499 euros.