Online dating sites for meeting new people

Surfing the web you can discover a multiplicity of dating sites for singles. The platforms you can find on the net at first glance may all look the same, and choosing one can become complicated. They all have different features that are not easy to understand at first glance. Find out with this article which are the best sites to meet new people online.

How to choose a dating site

The dating sites for singles all have different peculiarities and are distinguished by different areas.  Obviously, they all have things in common, such as the goal: to meet each other people who, without the use of the site, could never have met. The biggest differences can be found in the number of people registered, the costs and payments (some sites are totally free), the different functions that sites can have and the chances of success. The main feature that makes a site more recommendable than others is given by the reputation that its members give it. Usually are enrolled in these online dating sites, hundreds or even millions of people. Those who sign up create their own profile with pictures or photos, with more or less detailed information about themselves, and at this point, having created their own profile, they are ready to receive suggestions of people to meet.

It can be said that with the birth of the internet were born almost simultaneously the first online dating sites. In the digital age, thanks to smartphones and applications that can be used, this fashion of online dating has become increasingly reinforced, clearing all prejudices about this type of dating, making them a way like any other to meet new people. At the end of a relationship you feel the need to meet new people and you can take advantage of these new methods to turn your life around. Using a dating site could also be a way to overcome your shyness, and allow people to get to know each other first virtually so as to avoid bad figures.

How to choose a dating site based on age

The choice of the dating site that best suits your needs, is made through the average age of its users. Some sites are more appropriate for certain age groups than others. Many times the site itself already from its name makes it clear what can be its typical users, but for others it is more complicated. You have to be able to read between the lines and understand everything from the style of the site and the language used. If you happen to come across a colorful platform, with a young language, you can guess that most users of the provider will be under 30.

For a user aged 30 to 40 years the portal will be less flashy and with cleaner lines. If a user will be over 50 he will feel more comfortable using a more descriptive site, characterized by communication through text and readings. The easiest way to understand if we have registered in the dating site most suitable for our age group, is to set in searches the maximum and minimum age of the people we want to meet and then, count how many results we got.

What are the dating sites that work

The dating sites that work are those that have millions of members, because the more members there are and the higher the chances are of meeting the right person. One of the basic criteria of the best dating sites is, besides the amount of members, the ratio of male and female users who have registered and their age. A fairly obvious criterion is the seniority of the dating site. If a platform was born recently, it is normal that its members will certainly be lower than an older platform.

Much depends on the spirit with which people sign up and the seriousness they put in wanting to meet someone. The quality, and especially the activity of the users, is very important. The dating sites that work are those where people are seriously looking for someone to meet. In this period of history being enrolled in a dating site is definitely not something strange.

Another of the main objectives of the various sites, is the satisfaction of its users. A satisfied user, in this case, is a user who manages to maintain anonymity by being able to look for someone to meet in complete tranquility. The images uploaded by users are all protected through an encryption system to ensure complete anonymity. Some sites, for example, allow you to make payments anonymously. Grazie al sistema cifrato di protezione, gli utenti sono sicuri che i loro dati non arrivino in mano a terzi.

I migliori siti di incontri controllano tutte le registrazioni degli utenti e non permettono, a chi ha dubbie intenzioni, di iscriversi. Vengono controllati uno per uno e in caso di dubbio, i profili non vengono attivati. Si possono registrare su questi provider solo persone maggiorenni. Chi gestisce i siti di incontri controlla anche l’attività di ogni singolo utente e se quest’ultimo è inattivo per molto tempo verrà gradualmente rimosso. Questo meccanismo permette di avere una community sempre attiva. Gli utenti, inoltre, possono chiedere la verifica della propria identità e farsi dare una confermare del profilo.

Quali sono i migliori siti di incontri online?

Ed ecco la risposta alla vostra domanda. Abbiamo stilato una classifica in base ad un criterio. Quello scelto sono i servizi che vengono offerti da ogni sito: la registrazione gratuita, l’ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo, la sicurezza, l’anonimato e le buone possibilità di successo.

  • Academic singles: proclamato miglior provider 2020, è anche il sito più selezionato dalle donne. L’iscrizione è gratuita, ci sono più di 2 milioni di utenti, garantisce l’anonimato e permette di scoprire chi ha visitato il tuo profilo. È altamente selettivo ed è uno dei migliori siti se si ha un profilo accademico.
  • Maturedating: la sua interfaccia è semplice ed intuitiva e si possono incontrare tanti profili differenti. Si ha la possibilità di filtrare le ricerche ed è garantita assistenza e supporto per ogni tipo di inconveniente.
  • Meetic: è un provider incentrato sul rispetto, garantisce sicurezza e protezione dei dati. Più di 1 milione di coppie italiane si sono incontrate con questa piattaforma. L’utilizzo è gratis tranne per la messaggistica privata.
  • Singles50: è dedicato a persone single over 50, le compatibilità tra i single sono basati su test della personalità. Garantisce anonimato e sicurezza. Non ha un’applicazione scaricabile sullo smartphone e si può accedere solo dal sito.

Tutti i siti di incontri che abbiamo menzionato nella nostra classifica sono gratuiti, con utenti reali e verificati. L’utilizzo di ogni provider è molto semplice e la registrazione gratuita viene effettuata in pochissimi minuti. Tutte le funzioni e le aree dei siti si possono utilizzare in modo gratuito. Con un abbonamento premium le azioni che si possono compiere sono maggiori come anche le possibilità di incontrare qualcuno. All users who are registered for free have a chance to find someone to meet.

Dating sites: free or paid?

In most of the sites, the free registration allows you to get dating tips and allows you to compare yourself with other users of the platform. Private messaging with other users and live chats remains a paid option. Statistics say that users with a premium subscription have a 70% higher chance of finding the ideal partner. As for the subscriptions of these dating sites, they all have transparent monthly costs. Savings can be found if you stay with the same site for as long as possible. At this point the monthly prices will go down a lot.

How many people use dating apps

Over 33 million people in Europe use online dating sites. We can say that about 9 million people are of Italian nationality. This network would allow an average of 2 people per minute to meet. Since 2000, this new way of socializing is constantly increasing, it can make meetings between singles much easier and allows you to make new acquaintances. Users are free to write their name or call themselves as they prefer, they are free to upload photos or choose not to put them.

For this reason it is difficult to understand if the person you are talking to is really what he says he is and if what he wrote in his biography is true. Unfortunately, in some cases the information we find is false, such as photos, and when you get after days of chat, the real live meeting, you may realize that the person we have in front of us, is just as it was described in the online dating site, or is totally different.