Online piracy, Guardia di Finanza obscures 15 more illegal sites

New blow of the Guardia di Finanza against illegal streaming: 15 pirate sites obscured and a 65-year-old person was reported

The Italian authorities' crackdown against online piracy continues. After the operations of the previous weeks, where several illegal sites have been closed several times, the Guardia di Finanza of Cagliari obscures other internet platforms that allowed to watch Mediaset Premium and Sky paid channels.

All in all, as stated in the press release of the Fiamme Gialle, there are 15 internet portals dismantled by the operation called "Pirate on Demand". The investigation, conducted also through the help of an anti-piracy unit of the two television companies involved, has allowed to identify a dense network, we read in the note, which allowed to illegally enjoy via web sporting events, movies, television series and other content protected by copyright. The hard fist of the Guardia di Finanza hit some of the best-known and most widely used outlawed streaming platforms, now no longer reachable by Italian users.

The operation of the Fiamme Gialle

The investigations, which started last September 2016 and were coordinated by Dr. Giangiacomo Pilia, Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Court of Cagliari, have also made it possible to trace those responsible for the pirate sites. A 65-year-old man, G.M., alleged administrator of some of the closed sites, is in fact under investigation. The Italian law enforcement agencies are also evaluating the position of those who have subscribed to the illegal portals. In addition, the Italian law enforcement agencies are trying to reconstruct the business of the platforms, trying to quantify the earnings obtained illegally through the subscriptions.

Fight against online piracy

The obscured sites allowed users, according to the press release, to benefit from "live" streaming content, i.e. offered live, and "on demand", i.e. on demand. This last operation confirms once again the commitment of the Italian authorities in the fight against online piracy.