Online scams, now they’re trying to steal your ID card

The latest online scam tries to get hold of users' personal data (ID card, driver's license) in hopes of reusing it for other scams

Hackers never cease to amaze us. Every day they look for a new way to steal our money, our personal data and sometimes both. And the latest scam launched on the Net goes in search of our personal documents: driver's license, identity card or health card.

To give the alarm is directly the Police on their Facebook account "Commissariato di PS Online - Italia" and warns users of some emails that are coming to thousands of people in recent days. In the text of the email there is a reference to an object that the user is selling on one of the many online sites: the ill-intentioned person pretends to be interested in the purchase and immediately provides his ID to reassure the user. But in exchange he asks for the user's document and his IBAN code to make the transfer. In reality, it is just a ploy to get the ID, which can be used in other scams.

How to defend yourself

Unfortunately, the e-mail sent by the hackers has many grammatical errors and for a person with some experience in the Internet world it is not complicated to recognize the scam. But for older people, who may be new to computers, they might not pay attention to it. The only way to protect yourself against this kind of message is not to send your personal documents and bank account number via e-mail. Hackers are looking for this information in order to be able to plan other scams. When you receive such messages, the first thing to do is to inform the Postal Police directly, who will be able to investigate and find out who is behind the scam.