Online scams, the latest alarm is launched by the Postal Police

On its Facebook account, the Police launches the alarm: a new phishing attack has targeted Poste Italiane and tries to steal users' data

Hackers are always working and looking for new ways to enter users' computers and accounts. The easiest way is definitely to set up a scam, pushing the person to click on a link or provide their account access data. These are the famous phishing attacks that in recent months are affecting more and more people.

The latest alarm comes directly from the Facebook account of the State Police that reports a phishing attempt that has been quite successful in recent days. The hackers send an email warning the poor victim that his postal account has been blocked due to an attempt to access it from an unrecognized device. In order to restore access to the Italian Post Office's online checking account, they invite the user to click on a link and provide their personal and access data for the financial service. Unfortunately, you are sent to a site that looks like the Italian Post Office, but in reality it has been artfully created by hackers.

How the Italian Post Office phishing attack works

After obtaining our personal data, hackers can access the checking account and use our money to make purchases or transfer money to their own untraceable account. The trick they use is always the same: create an e-mail with a graphic interface identical to that of the Post Office, so that the user really believes the message.

How to defend yourself

The first thing to do to defend yourself from this type of message is to delete it immediately. In fact, no bank will contact a customer via e-mail to tell him that his current account has been blocked. Also, when we do not trust a link, it is better not to click on it and go looking for some additional information.