Opera Neon is the browser of the future for Windows and Mac. How to use it

It's been a while since we've heard from Opera. Today finally the software house reveals the revolutionary Opera Neon mini browser for desktop that promises to make sparks

This is the concept of a browser that the company is sure will radically change the experience of living the web. Opera Neon, already available for those who want to try it, is not an update of the Opera desktop browser that we all know, it is a completely new project that throws in the bin everything that until yesterday we took for granted.

Opera Neon includes features that define innovative and original is reductive. There are features never seen before in other browsers such as ad banner blocking and a free VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, which is a sort of geographic extension of a secure private local network that can connect internal sites, especially at corporate level, located in the four corners of the world. But, for us "normal" users it represents a kind of second desktop that, unlike the operating system, however, allows us to organize all our online activities. Let's see it in detail.

Tab at full force

(Taken from YouTube)

Opera Neon has a look and a structure never seen before. The browser is, basically, made up of tabs - tabs in jargon - positioned laterally on the right of the screen in the form of circular icons - and an options bar (tool) on the left. The entire central part of the browser is devoted to online browsing. Tabs can be dragged and dropped in the middle so that multiple sites can be viewed simultaneously and various web services can be used. Web sites, in short, become a sort of ready-to-use applications with a simple mouse click.

All activities under control

Tabs are just one of the two "faces" of Opera Neon: the second is the options bar (tool) - in plain sight on the left - which offers numerous functions. It allows, first of all, to open a new tab and, so far, nothing special, but also to manage a myriad of audio/video streaming sources through a player with the traditional Play and Pause commands. The browser is able, however, to automatically recognize the playback of various multimedia content in the various tabs open and organize them in a single solution. Streaming, moreover, can be paused and tabs "silenced". A function that is missing, for example, in browsers currently in circulation. Another interesting feature is the possibility to capture screenshots - simply by manually selecting the section to save - and publish them with a quick drag-and-drop, for example, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram or other social or instant messaging services or email. Last but not least, there is a section dedicated to easy-to-access downloads.

Functions you don't expect

The last but no less interesting feature is the split screen. What is it for, you might ask: to split the screen left and right by clicking and holding the pointer on one of the open tabs and then drag it to the center and resize it as you like. Curious? Opera Neon can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer's page for Windows and Mac.

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