Oppo, too, presents a very powerful magnetic wireless charger

After Realme, Oppo makes its magnetic wireless charging system, MagVOOC, official: it presents two chargers, a power bank and a futuristic project

It was only a matter of time before Oppo made Realme's MagDart technology official under its own name. Not everyone knows that Realme is a company created by Oppo a few years ago in order to offer an alternative in the Android landscape that could combine product quality and reasonable prices.

So although they are two autonomous companies, gravitating within the same holding (BBK Electronics) it is as if they were the same thing, and the mini revolution of the magnetic wireless charger MagDart by Realme, precisely, it was only a matter of time before it ended up at least among the industrial possibilities of Oppo, the main brand of the entire group. And so it was: at Smart China Expo 2021, Oppo presented MagVOOC, its own interpretation of Xiaomi's MagDart, a powerful magnetic wireless charger. The Chinese company also went further, showing at the event a prototype of a wireless charging system capable of charging a device that was not resting on the charging cradle, and therefore capable of charging at a distance.

The 40 W MagVOOC charger

Oppo, in other words, is pushing innovation as probably never before, and in parallel with the investments on the front of smartphone photography has sent forward those on charging technologies. Fruitful investments, in light of the capabilities displayed by the MagVOOC magnetic wireless charging, a name that combines the characteristic of the "Mag di magnetic" system with the typical name of Oppo's fast charging, VOOC.

The flagship MagVOOC magnetic wireless charger offers 40 watts, which is by no means little for wireless charging: one of the currently compatible devices, the Oppo Ace2, can be fully charged, i.e. from 0 to 100%, in just 56 minutes, despite the rather capable 4,000 mAh battery.

The 40 watt charger is also compatible with those models that are not designed specifically for MagVOOC. Oppo Find X3 is one of them: it can't take advantage of the magnetic wireless charger at full power but is still charged at 30 watts, a remarkable speed.

Interesting is Oppo's MagVOOC support for the Qi standard: it can wirelessly charge any device compatible with the standard up to 15 watts of power, even non-Oppo products.

The 20-W MagVOOC charger

Then there's the 20-watt MagVOOC charger, which compared to its predecessor is thinner but also less powerful and therefore faster. This is also compatible with the Qi standard: it can charge any gadget with wireless charging at the power of 10 watts.

The power bank MagVOOC

Space also for the power bank MagVOOC with an internal battery of 4,500 mAh that can boast a power of 20 watts. It can be recharged in 2 hours, has Qi standard and via USB-C delivers 10 watts in wired mode.

Oppo Air Charing, remote charging

Finally the Oppo Air Charging, a device that in the future will be able to deliver up to 7.5 watts "remotely". A small distance, of course, but enough to imagine that you can recharge a smartphone without the encumbrance of a charging cable while you continue to use it.