OPPO: under-screen camera is ready

Also OPPO seems now ready to release its first smartphone with an under-screen camera, on which it has been working since 2019: the first selfies are promising.

That OPPO is working on a camera hidden under the screen of smartphones is known for a long time: already in 2019 the Chinese company showed a first prototype, during the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. The prototype never led to a product for sale on the market, but that does not mean that OPPO has not continued to develop this technology.

Now, however, it seems that the company is ready to present its first smartphone with an under-screen camera. In fact, OPPO has released several information about the third generation of this technology and some selfie photos, taken just with a device equipped with "under screen camera" (USC). These photos are of good quality, not excellent but comparable to those that could take the front camera of a normal average smartphone today. It 's more than fair to think, therefore, that OPPO is in the home stretch and may soon present its first phone with USC for the mass market. The Chinese company, however, at the moment doesn't confirm this yet.

OPO's new USC camera

The under-screen cameras work thanks to a "trick": at the point where the sensor is placed, the screen pixels are less, to let the light through. This results in a loss of display quality at that point, as well as not allowing the sensor to take high quality photos.

OPPO has solved the problem by acting on both the screen and the camera. I pixel sopra il sensore non sono di meno del normale, ma sono solo più piccoli e si mantiene la densità di pixel di 400 ppi, mentre i collegamenti elettrici sono trasparenti e più piccoli.

Le immagini generate dalla fotocamera, invece, vengono ora processate con particolari algoritmi di intelligenza artificiale per ridurre gli inevitabili effetti collaterali derivanti dalla presenza dello schermo. Il risultato mostrato da OPPO, a dire il vero, non è affatto male.

Nuova fotocamera USC di OPPO: quando arriva

Tutti si chiedono, a questo punto, quando OPPO presenterà il suo primo smartphone con fotocamera sotto lo schermo. The device will join a very small lineup of other products, such as the ZTE Axon 30 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 coming soon.

OPPO doesn't directly answer this question, but simply says that it "will continue its research and development efforts in hardware design and algorithmic processing capabilities to further optimize this technology, with the ultimate goal of making this innovative solution more engaging and comprehensive for users around the world."