Organizing trips online will be easier with Google Trips

Google has updated its Trips for Android and iOS with a lot of new features to make it easier to plan your next on-the-road adventure

Google Trips, for those who don't know it yet, is an app  that helps you plan a trip with the complicity of all the services of the Mountain View stable. Gmail, for example, extracts from the mail all the reservations of the trip, such as flights, hotels, restaurants or car rental and, from this data proposes you useful suggestions

The latest update makes the Google Trips application much more flexible to use. It's a great tool, not only for keeping all your booking information at your fingertips, but it also allows you to keep track of all your vacation activities. It helps you organize the perfect trip for you, day by day, with tips on what to do or visit, where to eat and more. And all the information is accessible offline in case you're not connected to the Internet.

What's changing with the latest Google Trips update

The upcoming update adds the ability for Gmail to also locate information on bus and train tickets, not just plane tickets, and adds them to your itinerary. And if you make a last-minute offline reservation, it now lets you - by tapping the "+" button - manually enter those details to keep your travel schedule up to date. And Google Trips, finally, also lets you share your vacation bookings directly from the app via email. If your contacts use Trips, they'll see the information directly within the app. Google Trips is free for Android and iOS.