Orii, the smart ring that turns your finger into a phone

Orii uses bone conduction and allows you to call, send messages and even set the alarm clock. But it needs a smartphone to work

In the "hi-tech circles" that matter, the leitmotif is always the same: the smartphone will one day disappear and be replaced by other devices. Which ones, for now, is not known. Meanwhile, someone starts to move. Like Origami Labs, which has invented a ring that transforms the finger into a phone.

Orii, this is the name of the futuristic device, looks like a common clothing accessory. In reality, the device is much more than that. Its main feature is that it promises to replace the smartphone. Just bring the ring close to your ear. A bit like you do when you mime the sign of the phone. Orii, in fact, uses bone conduction to transmit impulses to the ear. And not only that. The system, already seen on other devices, also allows you to answer. All simply by using a ring inserted in a finger. In addition, it is also possible to send messages. And much more.

How Orii works

To activate Orii is sufficient to touch the ear and the smart ring of Origami Labs comes into operation. As mentioned earlier, the device takes advantage of bone conduction, sending vibrations through your finger. And it would seem that the audio quality is very high, even in conditions of strong environmental disturbance. The microphone, in fact, is equipped with a system that cancels noise. In addition, bone conduction ensures that the audio reception is very clear.

The ring talks to Siri and Google Assistant

Although the smart ring can take the place of the cell phone, it still needs the "old" and dear smartphone to work. Orii, in fact, integrates with the mobile device via Bluetooth connection. There are really many things you can do with the device of Origami Labs. Thanks to voice control, for example, you can use Orii to make translations, set the alarm clock, read and respond to messages. The smart device, in fact, "works" in tandem with the virtual assistants of Apple and Google.

The ring is also useful for filtering incoming notifications, thanks to the dedicated application, available for Android and iOS. Orii, moreover, is water resistant and available in different colors.

Price and release date

To fund the project, Origami Labs has launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter, one of the leading crowdfunding platforms. Starting price $99, about 86 euros at current exchange rates. The first rings will be delivered starting in February 2018.