Outlook down global: email doesn’t work, what’s going on

Microsoft's cloud services are down since tonight: Teams, Office 365 and especially Outlook

Numerous reports of inefficiencies, in the last hours, for the Microsoft Outlook email service. Starting from this morning at about 8:00, in fact, many Italian users are unable to access their mailboxes. The luckiest ones, on the other hand, have mailboxes that work at times: sometimes they manage to send emails, sometimes not and the search for contacts is very slow. In a smaller number of cases, malfunctions have also been reported in Outlook Calendar.

The problem, however, does not only affect Italian users, but also those of many other countries in the world because the down is global and began in the Italian night. Users have been unable to receive and send emails from either apps (neither Android nor iOS) or Webmail by connecting via a browser for several hours. Microsoft is aware of the down and has already figured out what it is, communicating it via Twitter.

Outlook down: what Microsoft says

On one of its support accounts on Twitter Microsoft has been explaining for several hours, in real time, what's going on: "We have received reports of users experiencing issues when accessing their Exchange Online accounts via Outlook on the Web. Our initial investigation indicates that users residing in India are the most affected audience."

Just moments earlier Microsoft had tweeted "We have collected additional data from affected infrastructures to determine the impact on our Exchange Online protocols. In addition, we have identified that this issue affects users worldwide."

Problems also for Teams and Office 365

The downfall is not only affecting Outlook but also other Microsoft cloud services, such as Teams and Office 365. In this case, Microsoft has managed to figure out what the problem is: a recent update has messed up the cloud services login system.

So those who are already connected continue to be able to use the services, while those who try to connect can't. Again, the problem isn't localized, but global.

Microsoft says it's working to restore normalcy by uninstalling the update that created the problems.