Ozark 4: the new plot detail

Ozark season 4 is finally ready with new stories about the Byrde family: when the first 7 episodes arrive on Netflix

From the quiet suburbs of Chicago, the Byrde family finds itself involved in shady dealings in Ozark, Missouri. The plot gets more and more complicated for the Ozark series, which is now in its fourth season and finally has a release date on Netflix.

A family crime show that keeps fans on the edge of their seats as fans get caught up in the lives of husband and wife Marty and Wendy, played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, as they grapple with something bigger than themselves. The television series, for which Bateman is also an executive producer, examines the Byrde family's journey through capitalism, family dynamics and survival. A journey to hell, which in the third season saw Marty and Wendy now against each other, with a finale full of tension and with a terrible and brutal murder. Netflix is preparing to welcome the fourth season of Orzak, which will be released in two parts, each consisting of 4 episodes.

Orzak 4: the new trailer

New details suggest that the final season of Orzak will be heart-pounding. The character played by Bateman in the teaser goes over the dramatic moments of previous seasons, commenting, "Human beings make decisions, commit actions, and that makes things happen. It creates a snowball effect: it makes other people make decisions. The cycle continues and the snowball keeps rolling."

The premise of the fourth season is great and guarantees fans twists and turns and tension. And in the first photos released by Netflix we find Marty and Wendy upset and covered in blood, while Ruth and Wyatt share a tender moment.

Orzak 4: previews

The wait is getting more and more impatient to find out what will happen to the Byrde family. In the third season, husband and wife had found themselves pitted against each other, all while the situation was getting more and more dramatic. Then came the twist that ended the season: the brutal murder of attorney Helen in front of Marty and Wendy, who were increasingly upset and, more importantly, increasingly involved in the criminal business.

The showrunner Chris Mundy, who had anticipated the plot of the fourth season, released some anticipations: "It's going to be about whether the Byrde family can turn the biggest mistake of their lives into this huge advantage. And if they do, will karma catch up with them?"

Orzak 4: When it arrives

The final season of Orzak will consist of 14 episodes divided into two parts. The 7-episode first part of the family crime's final season will arrive streaming on Netflix next January 21, 2022.

To be able to watch the second part, however, we will have to wait until at least mid-2022.23