Ozark 4: when the final episodes arrive

The fourth and final season of Ozark is in the works and will be divided into two parts: here's the official release date and previews of the plot and the finale.

After the difficulties related to the pandemic, Ozark is about to return on Netflix. The platform has announced the arrival of the fourth and final season of the family-crime drama, nearly two years after the previous chapter was released. The final season will be divided into two parts, which will be released in 2022.

Ozark is one of the most awarded crime series: it debuted on the platform in 2017 where the first three seasons are available. It tells the story of Mary, his wife Wendy (played by Jason Batemain and Laura Linney, respectively) and their two children. He is a financial advisor, but he has a second life: he launders money for the Mexican Carelli. As time goes on, he also involves his wife. When things go wrong, he moves with his family to a resort called Ozark. In doing so, he wants to convince the Mexican boss he works with that money can be laundered more easily there. From here, the adventures of the Byrde family begin.

Ozark 4: what will happen

Showrunner Chris Mundy had revealed that in the last season the audience will understand several mysteries left unresolved and especially discover the fate of Marty and Wendy. Ozark's main character and executive producer Jason Batemain then revealed some details of the fourth season during an interview, saying that the Byrde's problems will increase.

The third season ended with Marty and Wendy covered in blood, returning from a fight and several murders, the last one being Helen's. The finale had left the audience with bated breath. It seems, in fact, that the family of Navarro wants to return the management of all affairs in the hands of Byrde, but on very expensive conditions.

Ozark 4: new entries in the cast

In the fourth season of Ozark the audience will know many new faces. There will be Alfonso Herrera (Sense8) who will play the role of Javi Elizonndro, one of the heads of the Mexican cartel, belonging to the Navarro family and grandson of Omar (Felix Solis).

There will also be Bruno Bichir (Narcos, The Bridge) who plays the priest confessor of the Navarro family, he has decided to collaborate with the cartel because he thinks that God should be present in the most difficult spaces of society. Veronica Falcón (Queen of the South), on the other hand, will be Camila, a woman who plots to take power in the family; she is Omar's sister and Javi's mother.

Also, in the cast we will also find Adam Rothenberg, CC Castillo (Outer Banks), Ali Stroker, Katrina Lenk and Eric Ladin.

When Ozark 4 comes out

The different anticipations will only make sense with the arrival of the new episodes. Netflix has revealed that the first seven episodes of Ozark's fourth season will arrive on the platform on January 21, 2022. The final ones will be released a few months later, but the official date is not yet known.