PagoPA aggiorna IO: la useremo per il Green Pass Covid

Dopo le modifiche alla gestione della privacy, che arriveranno a breve con un aggiornamento, l'app IO potrà essere utilizzata per archiviare il Green Pass per il Covid.


Giuseppe Croce Giornalista

Peppe Croce, giornalista dal 2008, si occupa di device elettronici e nuove tecnologie applicate al mondo automotive. È entrato in Libero Tecnologia nel 2018.

Dopo le richieste dell’Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, l’app IO è stata modificata. PagoPA ha adottato le misure imposte e ora è pronta a effettuare il rilascio dell’aggiornamento sui principali store virtuali, Google Play e App Store, che comprenderà tutte le modifiche richieste. Soon, therefore, we will also be able to use it for the Covid Green Pass.

We should have already used it together with "Immuni", but for the software there was nothing to do because of the many criticalities found. To cause the stop of the application used to communicate with the Public Administration, the transfer to "third countries" (including USA, India and Australia) of some data without having received explicit consent from users or adequate information through the mandatory policies that explain the steps. With the revision of the code by the technicians, however, these problems seem to have been smoothed out, thus lifting the previous block and giving the green light to the integration of the vaccination document.

Io app, what changes for privacy

In compliance with the indications of the Guarantor, PagoPA has opted to reduce to the bone the data communicated to Mixpanel, a company in San Francisco, California, that deals with the analysis of data collected by the apps. Those previously collected and archived, but which cannot be used, will be kept only until the end of the investigation.

Including the information that the American company will no longer be able to access are the tax code and other specifics related to the vacation bonus and the State Cashback system, that is, the reimbursement of part of the expenses made by means of a traceable payment. Also for this, the user will be asked to give his consent to authorize the transfer. Geolocation via the user's IP will disappear.

Not strictly necessary Google services that used to run on the app have been deactivated. In the same way, the alerts sent and their content will no longer be accessible to Google, which will therefore no longer be able to know about the communications themselves.

The last, in order of time, are the changes that will become active from July 9: users will decide autonomously which features to activate on IO that, until now, were active despite being more than 12 thousand. This includes the forwarding of messages received on the application to the email box indicated by the citizen, an operation that must be explicitly authorized.

IO app, when will the green pass arrive?

Now, it will be the Authority for privacy in agreement with the Ministry of Health to work on the modalities that will lead to the addition of the green pass to the available documents. The process does not yet appear to be completely closed, although the premises bode well for the immediate future.

On its website, the Guarantor explained the reasons behind the change of course, emphasizing the constant monitoring in order to protect citizens: "The Authority will monitor the adoption of the measures, reserving the right to evaluate the adequacy of the guarantees provided by PagoPA for data transfers to non-EU countries."