Panasonic’s new affordable 4K Smart TVs have arrived in Italy: how much do they cost

Panasonic announces two new affordable 4K Smart TVs for the Italian market, but not without interesting features

Announced two months ago, the new Panasonic 4K Smart TVs of the JX600 series are preparing to be available on the Italian market. Two versions, 43 and 55 inches, for a series with the objective of competing in a market segment where there is a lot of competition and offers high quality solutions with competitive prices, within the reach of many.

In short, the challenge of Panasonic is not easy, but the two new 4K Smart TVs economic series JX600 seem to have everything you need to have a say in the Italian market. The diagonals are the most purchased, so the audience is certainly not lacking, and between compatibility with numerous standards that are synonymous with a level of experience, such as Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Atmos, those who will want to buy in the coming weeks a new Smart TV can not fail to take into account the two new models of Panasonic. Here's everything you need to know about Panasonic's new budget 4K Smart TVs.

New Panasonic 4K Smart TVs: what they look like

Both of Panasonic's new budget 4K Smart TVs possess an LCD VA type screen with Ultra HD resolution and Edge LED backlighting, while the image refresh rate can reach a maximum of 60 Hz. To deliver the highest performance in terms of image quality, Panasonic designers have integrated the Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG standards, with the former implementing metadata frame by frame: this means that information such as color and brightness changes continuously and dynamically, making the viewing experience - according to the company - more immersive.

In addition, signal processing is handled by the Advanced Video Processor/Engine, and for their optimization there are solutions such as the 4K Colour Engine and 4K 1200 Hz RMR (stands for Real-Light Motion Rate) technology to manage moving images as best as possible. In short, cheap yes the new Smart TV 4K Panasonic, but not for this reason unable to offer a quality of a certain level.

Quality that is also found in the audio sector, where there is no lack of support for Dolby Atmos that, says Panasonic, "makes you feel at the center of a movie, a show, a sporting event, a game or a concert", supported by two speakers of 10 watts each. In addition, precisely because of Dolby Atmos compatibility, Panasonic's new inexpensive 4K Smart TVs can simulate the surround sound effect to increase engagement through pre-configured modes for different types of usage scenarios, such as music, cinema, dialogue and so on, although there is the option to intervene manually in adjusting individual audio parameters.

On Panasonic's new budget 4K Smart TVs, there's no shortage of compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (but they're not built-in), apps from popular streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and so on), or even voice controls. There's dual band Wi-Fi, a digital optical output, a 3.5 mm jack and three HDMI inputs with Ultra HD 60 Hz and HDCP 2.2 compatibility, while the audio return channel (ARC) is available on HDMI 2.

New Panasonic 4K Smart TVs: how much they cost

The new inexpensive Panasonic 4K Smart TVs are already on Panasonic's official website, and while they're not yet available for purchase it looks like they will be soon. The list prices, however, are already known: 499.99 euros for the 43-inch version, 699.99 euros for the 55-inch one.