Paqsule, the gym bag that washes dirty clothes

Paqsule cleans dirty clothes by killing germs and bacteria responsible for bad odors through a system of ultraviolet light and active oxygen

One of the most obnoxious things for those who practice sports is to come home and put in the washing machine the clothes all sweaty just used. Dead tired, after two hours at the gym, we would like to do nothing more than eat something and throw ourselves on the couch to watch our favorite TV series. Wouldn't we?

Imagine if clothes could be cleaned from the same duffel bag. Heresy? Absolutely not. In fact, a startup has created Paqsule, a revolutionary gym bag. With Paqsule you can safely leave the stuff inside the backpack, to wash it we will think him. But don't imagine soap and water. Paqsule actually cleans dirty clothes by killing the bacteria responsible for the bad odor emanating from a sweaty garment. As a result, your clothes will smell fresh. More than a bag, Paqsule is a concentration of technology. To activate a "wash" will simply press the button on the gym bag or alternatively use your smartphone.

Features of Paqsule

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Now let's open the bag and try to understand how it works. The device cleans and disinfects sweaty stuff using UV-C light, which is ultraviolet light that can kill microorganisms and is often used in hospitals, and active oxygen, which helps eliminate bacteria and odors. The washing tools are powered by a rechargeable battery that ensures 72 hours of autonomy. The hi-tech bag is also equipped with a USB port, ideal if you want to charge your smartphone. Paqsule can be used not only for sweaty clothes. For example, the device is useful to maintain the smell of laundry even when traveling. The bag, in fact, is very capacious. Also important is the application with which you can set the washing time and control the cleaning cycle at any time.

Date and price of release

To finance the project, the startup has launched a campaign on Kickstarter, one of the main crowdfunding platforms. For "backers," or those who will financially support the project, the cost of Paqsule is $149 (just over 140 euros). The first bags will arrive starting next August.