Parler, the social network used by Trump’s supporters, has also been banned

Parler, the social network most loved by Trump's supporters, has been removed from the Google Play Store, from Apple's App Store and from the Amazon Appstore: here's why.

Parler, the social network of Donald Trump's supporters, could disappear soon. It's another hard blow for The Donald, after what happened in the last days, when Twitter decided to suspend indefinitely the profile from which the tycoon and former president of the United States of America thundered launching messages and reflections considered violent by the platform.

The Parler platform, dedicated to social networking and microblogging, gathers many of Trump's supporters as well as exponents of the conservative area of the country, conspiracy theorists and, in some cases, belonging to the extreme right of the country. Boasting the principle of freedom of speech, the site has tried several times to propose itself as an alternative to the most famous social networks, without great success. In fact, behind a facade of free expression, there are extremely stringent content policies, sometimes even stronger than its competitors. Moreover, among the criticisms made there is that of banning in a rather arbitrary way the accounts of users who disagree with the points of view for the most part on Parler, thus blocking any attempts at comparisons between different political areas.

Parler, who banned the social of Trump supporters

To have vetoed the activity of Parler were some big names of the network, namely Google, Apple and Amazon. If Big G and the Cupertino company have decided in favor of the removal of the application from the two app stores, Google Play and App Store, for the big e-commerce and not only, the choice has gone on the complete expulsion of the platform from the web hosting company.

A contribution to the choice, according to the company led by Jeff Bezos, the violations of the rules signed with the cloud hosting service by the social network. According to Amazon, there would be in fact a large number of reasons, among which stands out the one that provides for the non-deletion of comments considered offensive, violent or illegal. A similar explanation has also been communicated by Apple.

Parler, what are the steps after the ban for the social network of Trump supporters

To remain active and working, Parler needs to find as soon as possible a new hosting able to host it on its servers before being turned off completely for at least a week. For John Matze, CEO and one of the founders of the platform, this would be an attack on free speech and an attempt to remove it completely from the Internet. Matze himself said that this is not an unexpected situation, so much so that it prompted the search for a new provider at an early stage.

Even if the search were to be successful, the nearly 8 million users - 4 million of whom are active according to the platform itself - would still have to deal with not being able to download the app from the two major app stores.