Passwords too simple, that’s how hackers steal our data

Choosing simple access keys exposes us to hacker attacks. The only solution to improve security is password managers

If you too are lazy and use a simple password, you are playing into the hands of hackers. In fact, according to recent studies, a large number of people have used the combination "123456" and the word "password" to protect their data.

A carelessness that could cost us dearly. In fact, using access keys that are not complicated enough makes us vulnerable to possible cyber attacks. Among the top ten least secure passwords used, we also find "welcome", "ninja", "sunshine" and "princess". As experts suggest, the advice, when it comes to choosing a password, is to try to think of something unique and original rather than resorting to banality. Another caution is not to always use the same access key.

No to the date of birth

In two other studies conducted by researchers from Lancaster and from the Chinese universities Peking and Fujian Normal, it has been demonstrated how some algorithms are able to guess about 70% of passwords, based on the information that is normally used by hackers. Among these there are certainly the date of birth, the age and the first and last name. The algorithms have been able to violate even the access keys judged more secure by the researchers.

In order not to facilitate the work of hackers therefore we must start mainly from ourselves. There are software that help secure our data, but choosing our dog's name as a password could prove extremely dangerous.