Payver, the app that pays you to drive

Available at the moment only on iPhone, Payver exploits the data sent by users-car drivers to create maps useful for self-driving cars

The increasing diffusion of smartphones and other "smart" objects always connected to the Internet has allowed the development of a series of micro-jobs focused on mobility and connectivity. The result of the so-called gig economy, they allow you to round off your salary by spending a few tens of minutes of your day.

In some cases, micro-jobs can represent real occupations, capable of ensuring an almost continuous income sufficient to be compared to a salary (think, for example, of Uber or other micro-jobs of home delivery); others, however, resemble pastimes or hobbies that allow you to earn small sums without taking too much time. This is the case of Payver, an initiative by US startup Lvl5, which pays users to drive. It's true, the revenues are not very high (a few cents for every kilometer driven), but no commitment is required: you get behind the wheel, start the app and grind out the kilometers.

What is Payver

The application with the micro-jobs, however, is only the tip of a much deeper iceberg and, from a technological point of view, much more interesting and fascinating. Lvl5, in fact, aims to create ultra-precise and ultra-detailed road maps that can improve the performance (and ability to avoid various hazards and traffic jams) of self-driving cars. And not being able to rely on a large fleet of cars equipped with thousands and thousands of euros, Lvl5 has preferred to "hire" tens of thousands of users around the world, rewarding them for the data they will provide. Thanks to the sensors and the camera of the smartphone - at the moment only the iPhone - the American startup counts on collecting all the information necessary to achieve its purpose.

How to earn money with Payver

The most interesting feature for the end user remains, at least for the moment, the possibility to earn money with the smartphone. The operation of the Payver app is very simple: you will need a smartphone mount to be mounted on the windshield and an iPhone. After installing the app, you will follow a short tutorial that will allow you to create your account and receive some simple guidelines (for example, roads not yet traced or little frequented will be paid more than arteries crossed by thousands of cars every day). From this moment on it will be possible to start accumulating Payver credits to be converted into money.