PEC, a record 2019: 6.5 million messages sent per day

More and more companies and individuals are choosing PEC. This is certified by AgID data for 2019, with an increase of 30% of messages sent

The Certified Electronic Mail continues to break through in the hearts of Italians. This is said by the data released by the Agency for Digital Italy (or AgID), which show an increasing use of certified mail by our fellow citizens.

And, in some ways even more interesting, the PEC is not only used by companies and professionals (who are required to have a certified mail address). In fact, the number of private individuals who have a Certified E-Mail box and who use it regularly is growing. In short, despite some initial "reluctance", the Italians seem to have finally understood the potential of a versatile means of communication with many advantages.

First of all, the economy. Opening an email box with a service like Libero Family PEC costs only 14.99 euros and, with a gigabyte of space, allows you to send thousands of messages without any fear.

The numbers of PEC in 2019

The 2019 ended a few months ago was the year of the definitive "consecration" of PEC. The numbers released by AgID speak for themselves: certified mail is growing both in terms of the number of active boxes (about +15% compared to those of 2018) and the number of messages sent (about +30% compared to 2018). Specifically, there are 10.8 million active PEC boxes (up by one million compared to the previous year's data), while there are 2.38 billion messages sent (540 million more than the 2018 data), with an average of 6.5 million per day.

And, as mentioned, PEC adoption is not only growing at the corporate and professional level, or at the Public Administration level. More and more private individuals are choosing to open a PEC box and use it for a variety of purposes. A trend that will undergo further impetus in the coming months and years, when the Certified E-Mail address will become our digital home.

PEC, reasons for a "private" success

Private individuals who decide to open a certified mailbox do so for various reasons. First of all, to use e-mail as an economic alternative to registered mail. The PEC, in fact, has the same legal value of the registered letter with return receipt and can therefore replace it in everything and for everything: to send communications to the bodies of the Public Administration, participate in public competitions, send cancellations to contracts for services of various kinds (satellite TV, telephony, insurance and so on).

The PEC, then, is also environmentally friendly: it reduces the consumption of paper (there will be no need to print documents to be sent in paper form) and the production of waste difficult to dispose of (such as toner or printer cartridges). Not to mention the aforementioned cost savings: a box with Libero Family PEC costs 14.99 euros and allows you to send as many messages as you want, while sending a single registered paper costs at least 5.40 euros (and the price will increase as the weight increases).