PEC mandatory for professionals: risk of suspension from the register

The Simplification Decree foresees a suspension from the register for all professionals who do not communicate their personal PEC address

The digitalization of the country and of the Public Administration is one of the focal points of the Simplification Decree approved by the Government to relaunch the country's economy. And a leading role will be played by the Certified Electronic Mail, the official channel for communicating with the PA, but also with professionals and private companies.

The PEC becomes crucial in the new process of digitalization of the country. Not only is its use recommended, but in some cases it becomes mandatory. In the same way, it becomes mandatory for professionals to communicate their Certified Electronic Mail address to the Register of Companies in case they have a company. In reality, this obligation already existed, but many did not comply with it. For this reason, the Simplification Decree has introduced penalties for professionals who do not communicate their PEC address.

Besides, the PEC has become so cheap and advantageous that no professional can make excuses. For example, Libero Mail PEC Unlimited costs 30 euros + VAT for one year and you have unlimited space to send and receive an infinite number of emails.

What do professionals who do not have a PEC risk

Article 29 of the Simplification Decree is dedicated to Certified Electronic Mail and aims to encourage the use of PEC in communications between private citizens, public administration and professionals. The law obliges companies and professionals to communicate their PEC address to their respective official registers, i.e. the Register of Companies and official registers and lists. This obligation, however, has not always been respected and for this reason the Government has decided to introduce sanctions.

For professionals who have not communicated their Certified Electronic Mail box to the register to which they belong, a warning is triggered: within 30 days they must comply with the obligation. If they fail to do so, they will be suspended until they communicate their Certified E-mail address.

With the Simplification Decree, the importance of the PEC also changes. Professionals are required to communicate to the order not only a personal PEC address, but their own digital domicile, i.e. a Certified Electronic Mail box included in the National Register of the resident population. The Simplification Decree also extends the possibility of having a digital domicile to professionals who are not registered with the bar.

Professionals who do not yet have a PEC address can easily register it using one of the many online services. Libero PEC Unlimited, for example, has an annual cost of 30 euros + VAT and is a service designed specifically for companies and professionals who need infinite space to store all the e-mails received and sent. Registration is quick and easy and all messages sent are certified and have the same legal value as registered mail with return receipt.