Pension calculation, online scam around the corner

New scam on Facebook for those looking for online pension calculators. By clicking on the button, instead of accessing the tool, you subscribe

For one reason or another, millions of Italians are interested in pension calculation. Thanks to the many tools available online, anyone can know what their pension income will be once they stop working and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

A tasty morsel for hackers and cyber criminals, who have not waited long to take advantage of it. As pointed out by the Postal Police through the Facebook page "Una vita da social", many Facebook profiles are promoting a tool for the calculation of the pension online that would allow you to know your income when you stop working. It's a pity, however, that appearances are deceiving and the pension calculator turns out to be a very well thought out online scam. The risk you run is very high: finding yourself with an unsolicited subscription on your smartphone and your phone account zeroed out.

How the online pension calculation scam works

The scheme behind the online scam, reads a post published on Facebook by the Postal Police, is as simple as it is effective. With advertisements aimed at specific age groups, cyber criminals invite members of Mark Zuckerberg's social network to take a test to calculate their pension. Written in small print, just below the "Click and Confirm" button, it says that using the pension income calculator, weekly subscriptions will be made to news, information, horoscopes and more. The cost is 5 euros per week, with automatic renewal of the subscription.

Defend yourself from this online scam, fortunately, is simple: just do not click on the button and do not provide personal information (such as mobile number and name, for example). If you make a mistake, however, just follow one of the procedures to block cell phone subscriptions listed here.