PES 2019, the tricks and secrets to win all the games

PES 2019 is one of the most realistic and complex sports video games ever in the history of Konami and not only, however, here are some tricks and secrets to win

Video game fans and in particular PES 2019? Well, the new version of Konami's football game has a more complex gameplay than in the past, but by following a series of tricks and secrets you can defeat any opponent.

It has to be said that PES 2019 is one of the absolute sports games with the greatest realism ever. The control of the ball, the tactical schemes, the calibration of the shot, Konami this year has really left nothing to chance. In short, playing PES 2019 is fun but not at all simple, especially when compared to the football titles of a few years ago. But then, is it possible to find in such a complex video game some tricks to never lose? The answer is yes. Like all sports games in fact, PES 2019 has some "Achilles heels" or some plays that can win the resistance of the opponent more than others. So here are the tricks you can use to become unbeatable champions in PES 2019.

We start by saying that this is neither cheating nor forcing the game, it's all legal. It's just about some play patterns that in Konami's video game pay much more than other actions.

Use low and short passes

The Tiki Taka has invaded video games as well. On PES 2019 it is much easier to score and defeat the opponent using an action scheme based on continuous, quick and short passes. In short, the classic Tiki Taka Spanish style. So we avoid long throws, and deep filtering passes, both high and low, seem to pay less than short and low passes.

Avoid long shots

Using short and short passes will also make us run less. In fact, PES 2019 has a new player fatigue management system that is very different from the past. After a series of prolonged shots our player will have his tongue on the ground and it will be impossible to jump opponents or fall back on defense. So let's save our breath as much as possible so that we don't have to make changes even before the end of the first half.

Limit shots from outside the box

The aforementioned new dynamic that manages shots in PES 2019 is really very complex. For this reason, especially if we are not exactly champions at the video game or if we have resumed playing after a long time, we try to shoot only from the limit or from inside the penalty area. It will be much easier for us to score. Also because the goalkeepers have different improved skills and will reject most of our attempts.