PES 2021, goodbye to Inter and Milan: Konami loses license

Konami has announced that it has not renewed the license with Inter and Milan for PES 2021. On the video game there will be neither the stadium and maybe not even the official name

Milan soccer disappears from Pro Evolution Soccer: Konami has announced that it will not renew the license agreements with FC Internazionale Milano and AC Milan that, consequently, will disappear from PES 2021 while they remain on eFootball PES 2020.

The news is official and is the subject of a statement from the company in which Konami writes: "Thank you for playing with eFootball Pes 2020 and for your continued support. Our license agreement with FC Internazionale Milano and AC Milan will not be renewed. However, this will have no influence on the acquired myClub players who can still be used in the game." Then Konami explains that it will focus on consolidating current partnerships and creating new ones. In the last few hours, among other things, is starting to circulate a further hypothesis: PES 2021 will not be a new game but a DLC for PES 2020, that is a downloadable content, as if it were a kind of update.

Addio Milan and Inter?

The announcement of Konami means that Milan and Inter will not be present among the teams to play with PES 2021? We don't know yet, because many other Serie A teams, including even Roma, Napoli and Lazio, don't have an official partnership agreement with Konami. However, they are present all the same, with their official names. The partnership with a soccer team, in fact, does not concern its presence in the game, but something else: the possible presence of its players among the legends of MyClub, but also the scanning of the faces in high resolution of all the players of the team.

Konami, however, in its statement remains very vague and speaks of non-renewal of the license and the desire to focus on existing partnerships. An Italian team for which Konami has no license, for example, is Brescia: on PES 2020 it is called "Brutie" and has no official kit. But the players are all there and with their real names.

PES 2021 becomes a DLC?

From Australia, and precisely from a governmental classification body, comes an indiscretion that could mean that PES 2021 will not be a new game to buy separately, but a DLC (downloadable content). So an expansion of PES 2020 that should cost less than the full game. In the database of the Australian institution has in fact appeared the words "eFootball PES 2021 Season Update". If this hypothesis turns out to be true it could also mean that Konami is going to skip the 2021 edition to focus on PES 2022, which will be the first Pro Evolution Soccer of the Next-Gen console era.