Phineas Fisher: arrested the hacker who attacked the Hacking Team?

Spanish police have arrested three hackers on charges of stealing personal data from various companies and organizations around the world

When in 2015 a hacker named Phineas Fisher managed to breach the Italian company Hacking Team (specialized in making software used by the best defense agencies around the world), the news caused quite a stir. A few months later, the hacker hit Gamma, a British company operating in the same industry, and published the data online.

In the last two years, Phineas Fisher has managed to infiltrate many international companies and organizations, stealing sensitive data that he then shared online. The latest to suffer was the Catalan police union, with the data of more than 5,000 officers ending up online. The attack suffered by the Spanish police, however, cost Phineas Fisher dearly: on Tuesday evening the Spanish national security arrested three hackers, accused of having violated the personal data of the agents of the Catalan union. One of these three people seems to be Phineas Fisher himself.

The hacker denies the arrest

No information about the three hackers has been leaked by the Spanish police: only the city where they live is known. Two of them live in Barcelona while the alleged Phineas Fisher was found in Salamanca. Late in the evening of Tuesday, however, came the denial of the same Phineas Fisher, who through an e-mail addressed to some websites claimed to be free and not to have suffered any arrest. In the next days we will surely have new news about it.