Phone Bonus: how much is it worth, who is entitled to it, how to get it

At the moment it is only an amendment to the Budget Law, but it could be approved and become reality: it is the new bonus smartphone and Giga dedicated to those who do not yet have a mobile connection.

After the Bike Bonus and the Bonus PC, tablet and Internet could soon arrive also the "Telephone Bonus". The new measure was in fact included in an amendment to the Budget Law. It is not yet decided, therefore, but it begins to talk about it and there are already the first details.

We point out, however, that since it is still an amendment to be discussed, modified and finally approved, what we know today about the Bonus Phone is not said to become the final rule. The mechanism for obtaining the Bonus Phone, however, is already broken (including problems) and it is very likely that in the end to change only a few details and the date of entry into force. All to discuss, moreover, the fund that will finance this bonus: at the moment there are only 20 million for 2021, far too few to offer the bonus to all those eligible under the requirements of the amendment.

Telephone Bonus: what is it

Let's start from the basics: what will be the Telephone Bonus, or Bonus Smartphone as someone already calls it. Actually, the text of the amendment calls it "digitization kit" and it is the mobile equivalent of the Bonus PC, tablet and Internet.

If the Bonus PC, tablet and Internet aimed to spread fast fixed connections in the homes of Italians, the digitization kit should serve to allow the economically weaker groups to have a phone with mobile connection (subscription for one year), on which the app IO will be preinstalled. Also included in the kit are subscriptions to two online newspapers.

The amendment speaks of free loan for one year, not purchase, and does not mention the possibility of redeeming the phone at the end of 12 months.

Telephone Bonus: who is entitled

The requirements to access the Telephone Bonus mirror those of the Bonus PC, tablet and Internet: ISEE not exceeding 20 thousand euros and no contract already signed with a telephone operator.

In the same family there can be only one beneficiary of the bonus, which will be granted "within the overall limit of maximum expenditure of 20 million euros for the year 2021". And this, in practice, will probably mean one thing: click day.

Telephone bonus: how to get it

The operating procedures for the bonus, that is the way to request and obtain it, are not present in the amendment. It refers instead to a subsequent decree of the Ministry of Technological Innovation and the Ministry of Economy to be published within 60 days of the entry into force of the law on the bonus.

It will be that decree, if the Bonus Phone becomes law, to establish how to request the bonus itself. The amendment, however, already specifies that SPID will be required to apply for the bonus.