Pif’s Witness is back on Sky: here’s when

The cult TV show Il testimone di Pif is coming back on Sky Documentaries and streaming on Now TV: when and how to watch the new episodes

Over the years, the documentaries of Il Testimone di Pif have become a real cult TV show much loved by viewers. The investigations of the former hyena and now director Pif range over many topics of current affairs and know how to win over the public, so much so that they have now reached their ninth edition.

Il Testimone is a reportage program conceived, led and directed by Pif, who writes in collaboration with Luca Monarca. It is an original Sky production produced by Wildside, a company of the Fremantle group, which will be broadcast on the new Sky Documentaries channel and in streaming on NOW Tv. In the next episodes of the reportage, Pif will live a few days on the island of Lampedusa to tell what happens on the coast, where the dramas of immigration by sea are opposed to the beauty of the tourist paradise.

Il Testimone: le puntate di Lampedusa

In the first two episodes of the ninth edition of Il Testimone, Pif starts from the story of the island of Lampedusa, which is considered a focal point of Italy despite its remoteness. Lampedusa is a small strip of land where the beauty of the landscape and of the tourist life clashes with the tragedies of the immigrants who flee from the coast of Africa by sea to reach Italy.

In the first episode of Il Testimone dedicated to Lampedusa, Pif will get to know the islanders better in order to understand how people live on Lampedusa, what the difficulties are and the advantages of moving to a small island that offers breathtaking natural beauty.

The next episode will be dedicated to migrants. Pif intends to understand what is told by the press and politics corresponds to reality. In addition, he wants to discover the point of view of the Lampedusians on immigration, between those who found themselves rescuing them and those who believe that it is a problem for the island's tourism.

Il Testimone: where and when to watch it

The episodes of Pif's Il Testimone dedicated to Lampedusa will be aired on Sky Documentaries on October 23rd and 30th, and will also be available in streaming on NOW Tv.

The next episodes will be broadcast on Sky Documentaries and streaming on NOW Tv at 9.15 pm every Saturday in November.  On November 6, the Lebanese singer-songwriter Mika will be a guest, on November 13 Donne di Mafia will be aired. Saturday, November 20 there will be a report called Police School, in which Pif will enlist in the police in the School Students of Peschiera Del Garda in the days of lessons of future policemen. And Saturday, November 27th will be the turn of the interview with The Jackal, all to laugh at.