Piracy: closed 18 thousand streaming sites of Serie A matches

Since the beginning of the championship, the Football League has already blocked 18 thousand pirate sites for the illegal streaming of Serie A matches, the phenomenon of IPTV is growing

That streaming video of the Serie A was one of the most sought after topics on the weekend by Italian fans was a well-known fact. Probably, however, few imagined that watching live streaming of Serie A matches had such a following. The Lega Serie A, in fact, made it known to have closed in this first part of the season of the Italian league about 18 thousand illegal sites streaming video of the Serie A matches that, every week, transmitted the .

A phenomenon, the illegal streaming video related to the world of soccer, constantly growing and that the division of the rights of the matches between Sky and Dazn has only increased. Last year, during the entire football season, 65 thousand illegal streaming portals were closed. This year instead, as already pointed out, there are 18 thousand in the first 10 matches of the season. Since 2011/12, the first season of Serie A in which the monitoring of pirate sites began, the irregular streaming have more than quadrupled.

Illegal streaming: growing IPTV

In comparison to the past, illegal websites are not the only preferred channel for streaming Serie A. In fact, starting from last year, IPTV applications have grown exponentially. For those who don't know it, it's a system of transmission of television signals on computer networks based on TCP/IP protocols and in particular on the Internet. In practice, these are lists of channels, usually for a fee, that are provided to users by cyber criminals in exchange for small amounts of money to watch a list of pay TV channels for a certain amount of time. A sort of illegal subscription much reduced compared to the original paid one.

How to block illegal video streaming sites

To make the most of the Serie A product and stop as much as possible the phenomenon of illegal streaming, the League has decided to follow the model of the English Premier League. In practice, impose on the main Internet service providers (ISPs) to block and interrupt the servers that host the illegal streaming of matches. A solution on which, even during the current season, the Italian Football League and the same government are working to instantly block all sites that try to illegally transmit online the matches of the championship, block the income of cyber criminals with IPTV and generally stop the phenomenon of pirated streaming in Italy.