Pixel Watch in the works: how will be the Google smartwatch

Google will launch by the end of 2019 the first smartwatch of the Pixel family: here's what we know so far about the features and the release date

In May 2019 will debut the new version of Wear OS, the operating system for smartwatches made by Google and present on a good number of wearables. For the new version, the Mountain View company is working to improve many small defects reported in recent months by users: the integration with the iPhone will be made easier and new features will be added to keep track of physical activity.

In the plans of Google, however, there is also much more: according to some analysts, Big G would be ready to launch its first smartwatch branded Pixel. If the news is confirmed (and there are many rumors within Google that speak of a presentation by the end of the year of the Pixel Watch), it would be a big news for the world of wearables. The Mountain View company would join Apple, Samsung and Huawei, at the moment the three most important companies in the sector. Google has also purchased for $ 40 million the research and development team of Fossil that works on smartwatches, another sign that the Pixel Watch is real and will soon come to market.

A smartwatch

The new version of Wear OS will put at the center of the operating system Google Assistant. The goal is to make Wear OS even smarter and easier to use. Even Apple hasn't yet managed to integrate Siri into its Apple Watch to perfection, so if Google succeeds in its intent, the Pixel Watch will be off to a flying start.

Google Assistant should talk to every single part of the smartwatch, starting with the most useful apps like Google Maps and Google Fit. Just the monitoring of physical activity will be one of the peculiarities of the Pixel Watch.

Health under control

As it already happens with the Apple Watch, Google wants to make a smartwatch capable of keeping under control the vital parameters of the person. For this reason, the Pixel Watch will integrate a sensor to monitor the heartbeat and other sensors to collect data on daily physical activity. All data will then be shared with the Google Fit application that the Mountain View company has recently updated by adding new features very useful.

It is not excluded that the Pixel Watch integrates a technology for electrocardiogram similar to that which Apple has integrated on the Apple Watch 4. But on this doubts are still many.

The Mountain View company is also developing a new service for the world of fitness: Google Coach. It is a virtual coach that analyzes a person's health condition and provides suggestions on how to train and keep fit. Google Coach could make its debut right on the Pixel Watch.

The features of the Pixel Watch

From the renderings that have appeared so far on the network, the Pixel Watch will have a design very similar to that of analog watches: the dial will be round and the leather strap. On board we will find the Snapdragon 3100 processor that includes LTE chips and GPS. Google also aims to make a smartwatch with a fairly high autonomy.

When will the Pixel Watch be presented

There are two probable dates for the presentation of the Google smartwatch: the Google I/O event that the Mountain View company organizes every year in May or in October when the next-generation Pixel smartphones will be presented. 

On the number of Pixel Watch that will be presented there are still many doubts: analysts say three, but it is very difficult that Google decides to launch from the beginning as many as three new smartwatches.