Pizzas in space with Chef 3D, NASA’s robot pizza maker

The smart device can print up to 12 pizzas in less than five minutes. It can also be used by astronauts on missions

When people talk about 3D printers, they rarely think of food. One imagines rather large and complex machines that, connected to a computer, model and create hi-tech objects. Soon, however, thanks to the project of a startup, it will be possible to print pizzas as well.

To "churn out" the most loved and copied Italian delicacy abroad will be a robot, whose name bodes well: Chef 3D. The intelligent device, which was made by BeeHex, a small American company specializing in 3D printers and robots for food, is able to "print" up to 12 pizzas in less than 5 minutes. And not just simple daisies. The robotic device can, in fact, mix different ingredients, through the pneumatic system with which it was made. The hi-tech pizza maker is also attentive to the needs of its "customers": the robot is capable of printing pizzas even gluten-free.

Chef 3D, a space robot

To help the Chef 3D is the computer. The command can also be given via a special app. And in a few minutes, the pizza is ready. The startup aims to deploy its smart chef by 2017: malls, theme parks, concerts. And even in space. The device, in fact, could fly into orbit and be used by NASA astronauts.

Life in orbit like life on Earth

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been trying for years to make astronauts' lives as normal as possible. BeeHex ha anche ricevuto finanziamenti dalla NASA: l’obiettivo è quello di creare dei device che siano in grado di stampare del cibo in 3D anche nello spazio. E forse ci sono riusciti.

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