PlayStation 5 already on sale, but the price is exorbitant

Swedish MediaMarkt site plays in advance and puts the PlayStation 5 on sale with a very high price. It is, however, a marketing operation

"Don't say cat if you don't have it in the bag" says the famous proverb. While the world is in fervent anticipation for the release of the next console from Sony, the Swedish site MediaMarkt anticipates everyone by opening the presales of the PS5 at an exorbitant price, 9,999 Swedish kronor which at the exchange rate is equivalent to about 950 euros.

In addition to the price, on the web page dedicated to the new Sony console, there is little and nothing. No release date, no description, nothing about its features and specifications: it speaks only of an advanced set of features such as to justify the price to say the least remarkable. This is because Sony has not yet revealed all the details about the new PS5, starting with the release date that, apparently, is farther away than you might think. In fact, according to some analysts, the console should be released towards the end of 2020 with the usual pre-Christmas launch between the months of October and November.

PlayStation 5 the expected news

According to what has been said by the top management of Sony, the new PS5 will allow a better gaming experience obtained thanks to a faster graphics rendering and the use of ultra fast SSD disks created ad hoc to speed up loading in games, especially in open-world. As stated last June by Jim Ryan, CEO of the PlayStation brand, the PS5 will be able to handle 4K resolution with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, well double that used by most modern televisions. But there is also talk of 3D Audio, a strong backwards compatibility with PS4 games, 8K support for TV and a hardware kit dedicated to virtual reality.

PlayStation 5: when the release?

Many saw the end of 2019 as a useful date, but according to the latest online rumors it would seem more likely a launch in 2020. Sony Interactive Entertainment has however already confirmed its presence at Gamescom in Cologne next August and at the Tokyo Game Show scheduled for September. In addition, the company of the Rising Sun will hold its own showcase at ChinaJoy on August 1. It is not excluded that just during one of these three major events in the world Sony can unveil a few more details about the features and specifications of the new PS5, as well as the fateful release date.