PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility: what we know so far

Will the PS 5 be backwards compatible? Will you be able to use PS4 video games? Find out everything we know so far about the backward compatibility of the PS5

We're still more than a year away from the release of the Sony PlayStation 5 and already it seems to creak one of the firm heads that had to characterize the new and highly anticipated console of the Japanese house. We're talking about the backward compatibility of the PS5, which would allow the execution of PS4 games on the new video game platform of the brand of the Rising Sun.

The rumor comes directly from the Japanese company: the PlayStation 5 could be launched on the market without backward compatibility, not allowing its users to play with the old, but still current, games of the PlayStation 4 or, at best, the PS5 could have a very limited library of games for PS4. Here's everything we know so far.

PlayStation 5: backward compatibility yes or no?

Announced by the top brass of Sony and confirmed by a series of rumors and rumors of the insiders, the theme of the flagship backward compatibility of PS5 is tinged with yellow. In particular, in the last few hours, if on the one hand have been released images of a patent dating back to 2017 that provides precisely the backward compatibility on the PS5 signed by Mark Cerney, chief architect of the PS4, from the other is the same Cerney to declare in a recent interview that the development team of the PlayStation 5 is doing everything possible to verify whether it can be ensured a full compatibility with video games on the PS4.

Retrocompatibility limited?

The statements of Mark Cerney give to think. Is this a strategy specifically designed by Sony? In other words, following the same path taken by Microsoft, which started the backward compatibility process on its last console starting with a limited selection of titles at launch and then slowly expanding it over time. However, it is still early to make predictions, there is more than a year to the pre-Christmas period of 2020, when the official launch of the PS5 is expected.

PlayStation 5: SSD disk?

A few days ago the famous Japanese gaming magazine "Famitsu" has published online a card that shows all the technical specifications of the PS5. The Japanese editorial office seems to confirm the many rumors that have appeared on the net in recent months that speak of a PS5 equipped with a custom SSD drive to access data at very high speed and get a better gaming experience. Also confirmed the presence of an AMD x86-64 Ryzen "Zen 2" chip with eight cores and 16 threads designed ad hoc and the GPU equipped with a custom AMD Radeon processor based on RDNA technology with separate 3D audio processing unit and output with theoretical resolution up to 8K.