PlayStation 5, coming in two versions: an economic and a Pro

Many are sure of the fact that Sony will launch two models of PS5: a basic version and one with top features. Here's how they will be

We had already talked about it a few weeks ago, that is, the possibility that Sony is planning to make not one, but two PS5, different in technical features and power. A new rumor spread online in recent days by the internet forum NeoGAF with a post attributed to an unspecified professional relaunches the idea of this particular strategic choice that replicates what was announced by Microsoft with the likely launch of two Xbox Series X.

So reads the post "incriminated": "Sony will release two models of PlayStation 5, of which the basic one is 9TFLOPs. The other, however, will compete with Xbox Series X. This explains why the various rumors report different specifications. The respective top-of-the-line models, at any rate, are expected to be very expensive, I believe something like $600." The PlayStation 5, according to rumors still unconfirmed by Sony, would thus consist of a base model capable of developing 9 Teraflops of power, while the top-of-the-line variant would have a power of 12 Teraflops. The Pro version of the PS5 would then equal the most powerful model of the Xbox Series X, made official by the same Microsoft in previous weeks.

The rest would not be a new operation. Already with the current generation of consoles, Microsoft and Sony have tried the same strategy by launching multiple models of the same console. Just think of the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X. The only difference concerns the timing: this time the different models could debut at the same time, even those of the PlayStation 5.

PS5: how will the two consoles

The real dilemma remains the technical characteristics of the two versions of the PlayStation 5. In fact, all the rumors released in recent weeks on the hardware components present in the console should refer to the most performing model, then the hypothetical PlayStation 5 Pro. Strong doubts remain, therefore, on the possible technical card of the base model: which CPU will have? And the GPU? How much RAM will be inside? All questions to which it is difficult to find an answer. The only thing that's certain is the presence of an SSD: on this point Sony doesn't seem to want to backtrack, being the solid state disk a key component to ensure high performance.

When the PlayStation 5 comes out

At the end of the games, there's still a long time to go before the global launch of the two consoles and certainly the emergency linked to the spread of the Coronavirus could mess up the plans of the two giants of electronics. Sony has already reported problems with the supply of components and E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the world's most important exhibition dedicated to video games and possible stage for the presentation of the console, has been canceled. We'll see how the situation evolves in the coming weeks.