Playstation 5: here’s the price and release date

A developer who claims to be working on titles for the Sony console releases some details about the features, release date and price of the PlayStation 5

The temperature in the world of video game consoles is getting hot again. While Microsoft is preparing to present a modernized version of the Xbox One, smaller and without disk drive, Sony tries to "jump" a step preparing to launch on the market the PlayStation 5. The heir to the successful PS4, able to sell nearly 100 million units in 5 years of life, is now just around the corner and may come sooner than you might think.

Some rumors circulated in recent hours, in fact, have shed light on the technical specifications of the PS5 and the possible launch date.

Some rumors have been circulating in the last few hours, in fact, have shed light on the PS5's technical specifications and possible launch date. In short, the release date of the PlayStation 5 is getting closer and closer, with the Japanese gaming platform ready to give many surprises to millions of fans around the world.

Features PlayStation 5

According to the insider who is working on games for PlayStation 5, the new console of the Japanese manufacturer should have a magnetomechanical hard drive of 2 terabytes. Dimensions rather generous, but essential given how much space they occupy the major video game titles on the market today. Probable to assume, then, the availability of a model with SSD disk, which would ensure better performance during loading and execution of the titles.

The PlayStation 5, moreover, should natively support games with 4K resolution and ensure the future upscaling up to 8K resolution. In short, a rather powerful hardware, able to run even the video games of the past: the PS5, in fact, will be backwards compatible and will allow you to play with all the titles of previous generations of consoles, so you have a good "game park" from the moment of launch.

When the PlayStation 5 comes out

Looking at the information released - to be taken with a pinch, since the source is anonymous and we do not know his degree of reliability - we can assume that the PlayStation 5 will be launched in 2019. Studying the marketing dynamics of past models, we can expect a launch event timed for late fall 2019 (in the second half of September, most likely), and then get the console on the shelves just in time for the holiday season.

Price PlayStation 5

If you're wondering how much all this goodness will cost, so you can start putting money aside, know that the price will be high, but not excessive. According to the leaker, it should hit the market with a list price 100 euros higher than the cost of the PlayStation 4.