PlayStation 5, that’s when the price of the console will be revealed

Sony might reveal the price of the PS5 at an event organized for August 20. Here's everything we know and what's true

Sony has kept its promises: the State of Play organized for August 6 was dedicated only to video games (most of them for PS4 and PS VR), without any mention of the price and possible release date of the new PlayStation 5. Many were disappointed, both for titles that were not exactly exceptional, and for the lack of news about the new console. Probably, however, you don't have to wait much longer: Sony has scheduled for the end of the month a new State of Play, and this time the protagonist will be the PlayStation 5.

And yet the Japanese company is forced to respond to the presentation in July of the Xbox Series X, in which Microsoft has shown a lineup of titles really very interesting. Now is the time for Sony to respond and anticipate the moves of the Redmond company, which among other things is organizing another event for the XSX for the end of August. For this reason, the next State of Play, this time dedicated to PS5, should be held on August 20, 2020. That's what Roberto SerranĂ² said, who in recent months has first anticipated the date of the PS5 presentation and then the State of Play on August 6.

PlayStation 5, price and release date: here's when they will be revealed

There's still no official confirmation from Sony, but Roberto SerranĂ²'s words in recent months have proven to be quite reliable. The next State of Play should be held on August 20, as always at 22:00 Italian time. The date seems to be very plausible for a number of reasons.

Sony has so far always held these events on Thursdays and August 20 is one of them. The Japanese company must anticipate the reveal of the price and release date of the Xbox Series X, which should take place by the end of August, in an ad hoc event that Microsoft is organizing. Moreover, it can't wait until September, a date too close to the eventual market release of the console, scheduled for late November to early December. Finally, the last factor not to be underestimated are the many rumors about the PS5 price: to avoid other spoilers Sony will be forced to reveal sooner or later the cost of the console.

How much will the PS5 cost

There are many rumors about the possible price of the Sony console and all very discordant between them. One thing is certain: there will be a substantial difference between the "Digital" version without Bluray and the normal PlayStation 5. The goal of Sony, in fact, is to push the PS5 Digital Edition to boost the many online services launched in recent years. Hypothetical that the PS5 Digital will cost around 400 euros, while the normal one will have to pay more than 500 euros.