PlayStation 5, the 24 carat gold version is worth a fortune

A British site has launched a PS5 completely plated in gold. The price is not yet available, but it will cost several thousand euros

The PlayStation 5 has not yet arrived on the market, and we do not even know how much it will cost, but the first announcements of bizarre special editions are already starting to arrive. Even one in 24-carat gold, made by TrulyExclusive. The site, which calls itself "The UK's number one brand in luxury customizations," already produces gold versions of the Samsung S20 and the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Now TrulyExclusive is "proud to announce a new product: the all-new Sony PS5, available in 24-karat gold, platinum and 18-karat rose gold." The price is not yet known, since we don't even know the price of the normal PS5, but for sure it won't be low at all given the materials used and given the prices of the other items already on sale on the English site. But don't worry: international shipping is included in the price. Those interested in buying the gold or platinum PS5 can already pre-register on the TrulyExclusive website, waiting for the official launch of Sony's next-gen and the subsequent announcement of the final price of the luxury version.

How much will the gold PS5 cost

Sifting through the TrulyExclusive catalog we can get a first idea of how much the gold PlayStation 5 might cost: just look at how much the other customized products are sold for. The Samsung S20 in 24 carat gold "smooth", that is without any design on the gold cover, is sold at 2,900 British pounds. The 18 carat rose gold version with a sober tiger design starts at £3,500, the same price for the platinum version with the dragon and the 24 carat gold version with the lion.

The PS5 for everyone else

Clearly very few of these custom PS5s will be sold, it's a pretty kitschy treat for very rich people who have no problem spending a lot of money. The common mortal fans of video games, however, look forward to the output and especially the final price of the normal PlayStation.

According to the latest rumors, the date of the presentation event is not far away: August 6. Also according to rumors, finally, the price of the digital version without Blu-Ray player should be on 399 euros, while the normal PS5 will cost 499 euros. As for the games, however, it is now almost certain that the standard price will be about ten euros more than the PS4 games. To buy a triple-A title on physical media, then, get ready to spend about 70 euros.