PlayStation 5, the latest secrets hidden in the code

Programmers go looking for information on the PlayStation 5 that Sony still does not want to reveal and discover the latest secrets on the next-gen console

It's just over a month and a half before the opening of sales but the PlayStation 5 continues to reveal secrets hidden in the code. After pulling byte after byte of information out of the code, however, experts seem to have reached the final piece leaving little to the imagination for November 19, the date scheduled for the official launch on the European market.

Few details have been communicated by Sony during the virtual events dedicated to the new game console. After the event of last March, focused entirely on the hardware features of PS5, the Japanese company has in fact chosen to pass in silence the imminent arrival of the new flagship product, relegating it to spaces of minimum importance presentation after presentation. Not even the design has managed to carve out a place of regard, leaving empty-mouthed all those who were waiting to know the news about important details such as, for example, the slots for memory expansion that have always been the focus of attention of many players. The only source of concrete information, at least so far, has been the source code analyzed by some users of the forum Reset Era and Reddit and published on the network that has shed light on some of the features that will be possible to find within the new console. Specifically, the portion of code revealed is the one related to prompts and error messages that players will encounter when using the PS5.

PlayStation 5 and backward compatibility: the errors

A handful of errors immediately appeared to the eyes of those who analyzed the code of the PS5 operating system, especially when it comes to backward compatibility. The examined code puts the accent on how not all games produced for PlayStation 4 will be compatible with the new console: to say so are at least two errors while some functions, as we can see from a further message, may no longer be available.

PlayStation 5 and memory: info on saves and players

Also the saves will bring some surprises, thanks to the possibility to manually transfer game progress between the PlayStation Plus cloud and PS Now through the console's save management system. Multiple players will then be able to share the PS5, using subscriptions linked to the console's primary account.

PlayStation 5: haptic feedback and voice chat

Two other features that would be included in the new version are the ability for developers to force haptic feedback through game controllers and the use of voice chat in multiplayer mode, for an even more complete and immersive gaming experience, though it's still unclear whether the feature will be available for all games or at the discretion of developers.