PlayStation 5, what will be the price of the console

According to a market research carried out by Nielsen, users expect a price for the PS5 of less than 400 euros. Here's how much it could cost

The price of the PlayStation 5 is again the focus of rumors and assumptions of all kinds. Sony hasn't announced it yet, and probably won't for quite a while, but interest in this next-gen console is so high that many are trying to find out how much it will cost.

The debate about the price of the PS5 2020 is developing especially on Reddit, where a user has posted a recent Nielsen market research in which they make assumptions about how much it will cost the regular PlayStation 5 and for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, i.e. the version without optical disc that should have a lower price, but not by much. The same user specifies that he participated in a survey by Nielsen, so the prices shown are not true hypothesis based on internal news of Sony but, rather, a way to test the ground and understand how much would be willing to pay potential buyers for the new 2020 Sony console. Here's what came out of this survey.

PS5, how much could it cost

"The survey asked me what I think about a price around £349 for the PS5 and around £259 for the Digital Edition," the user writes on Reddit. At the current exchange rate they would make about 385 euros and 286 euros, respectively. So little, very little, certainly less than the first assumptions that saw the complete PS5 on sale at 450-500 euros and the Digital Edition at 400-450 euros. But will these really be the prices? The same user points out that, usually, compared to these surveys, the real prices are then higher by about 20%. This means that prices around 460 and 310 euros are much more credible.

PS5: will these be the real prices?

One thing we can notice about this hypothesis of prices for PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition is that, once the 20% is added, the price of the first one is more or less within the forecasts made by all analysts, while the price of the second one is much lower. This reflection should be crossed with the very high probability that the next-gen console games will have a fairly high price, on average $69.99 (i.e. about $10 more than the best games for current consoles cost). If both predictions turn out to be true, then there will be very little market for the full PlayStation 5 and an immense prairie for the PS5 Digital Edition to conquer.