PlayStation 5 with no more secrets: here are the technical specifications

A tester has revealed what should be the official data sheet of the PlayStation 5. The information is, however, to be taken with a pinch

Although there are a few months to the official presentation - and just under a year to its marketing - the PlayStation 5 we know everything.

And, as if that wasn't enough, a user has just revealed what should be the official spec sheet of the PlayStation 5. The indiscretion was published on the site 4chan by an alleged tester who would be trying some third-party titles on a "development" version of the next Sony console. It is, therefore, statements to be taken with a grain of salt and the benefit of the doubt, although many elements coincide with the news leaked in recent weeks.

PlayStation 5 technical specifications

The leaker specifies that he first tested the development kit 2.0 with a hardware enhanced compared to the first version, and then put his hands on the variant 3.0 clearly improved.

These are the features "spoiler" by the alleged tester of video games on 4chan. The new PlayStation 5 would be equipped with a 12.6 TFLOPS GPU (RDNA 1.5) and a 3.6 GHz AMD ZEN 2 CPU. The data sheet is complemented by 22 gigabytes of RAM (18 GB GDDR6 and 4 GB DDR4), while data storage is provided by a 500 GB SSD drive and a speed of 5.5 GB/s and 576 GB/s bandwidth.

No mention for the PlayStation 5's cooling system, which, according to some analysts, is expected to skyrocket the console's price and force Sony to sell the device at a loss.

The revelations seem to coincide with those unveiled at the beginning of February by the Japanese site Sony Interactive Entertainment and join those already confirmed by the brand of the Rising Sun related to the new PS5 controller characterized by new resistive triggers, as well as haptic feedback.