PlayStation, announced the official price: how much does it cost

The long-awaited moment has arrived: during an online event Sony has unveiled the final prices of PlayStation 5 standard and All Digital

Sony has made official the final prices of its next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 All Digital. During the online event of September 16, in fact, the Japanese company has not limited itself to give information on upcoming games for PS5: as everyone expected, after the flight forward of Microsoft, has also unveiled the price of the consoles.

And, again as everyone expected, the price of the PlayStation 5 in standard version is identical to that of the Xbox Series X by Microsoft: 499 euros. Higher by a good hundred euros than the competitor, but there is a reason, is instead the price of the PS5 All Digital that costs 399 euros against 299 euros of the Xbox Series S. The PlayStation 5 is already on pre-order, including on Amazon, and will officially go on sale November 19, 2020. The two competitors Xbox Series X and Series S will arrive a few days earlier, on November 10, but little change: as promised for some time by Sony and Microsoft, the luckiest will be able to treat themselves (or be treated) to a next-gen console for Christmas. After the officialization of the prices of the two PS5, then, remains to be dissolved only one doubt: better PlayStation 5 standard or the All Digital?

PS5 vs PS5 All Digital: what changes

The PlayStation 5 All Digital is in every way identical to the standard version, except the lack of optical drive. It will be possible to use it, therefore, only with an Internet connection and by downloading games from the PlayStation Network. Per il resto l’hardware è lo stesso.

La CPU è una 8 core basata su architettura AMD Zen 2, con frequenza fino a 3,5 GHz. La GPU è una AMD RDNA 2 con 36 unità di calcolo e frequenza fino a 2,23 GHz. La RAM è da 16 GB con velocità massima di 448 GBps. La potenza di calcolo complessiva dell’hardware della PlayStation 5 (sia standard che All Digital) promette una esperienza di gioco molto fluida e senza incertezze: Sony dichiara fino a 120 frame al secondo, con risoluzione 4K su schermo da 60 FPS.

A chi conviene la PlayStation 5 All Digital?

A differenza di Microsoft, che ha differenziato nettamente l’hardware tra Xbox Series X e Series S per dare una possibilità di scelta agli utenti (e far scendere il prezzo della seconda fino a 299 euro), Sony ha scelto invece di offrire due console identiche, con quella più economica che è altrettanto potente di quella top di gamma.

With such a choice, the PS5 All Digital's price of one hundred euros higher than that of the Xbox Series S is quite justifiable: the All Digital is a PS5 in its own right, not a "cast" PS5. A user who has a good Internet connection and does not particularly care to collect physical copies of the titles to which he wants to play, therefore, may find the choice made by Sony extremely advantageous.