PlayStation Classic, the return of the first console from 1994

After 24 years, Sony launches the PlayStation back on the market. Obviously we are referring to the PlayStation Classic, mini version of the very famous console

Sony goes back to its origins and launches on the market the PlayStation, one of the most advanced video game consoles on the market. No, we are not mistaken, nor have we just stepped out of the time machine. Much more simply, the hi-tech manufacturer has decided to celebrate in the best possible way the 24 years of its most famous product (the PlayStation, to be precise) re-proposing it on the market in mini format.

Of course, we are not referring to the first PlayStation that Sony put on sale on December 3, 1994 in Japan (in the United States and Europe it will arrive in September 1995), but to its "re-edition" in retrogaming style. A road already beaten with wide success by Nintendo, which during 2018 presented both the Nintendo Mini Classic and the SuperNintendo Mini Classic. After many indiscretions, Sony had presented its retrogaming console already in the fall of 2018, but decided that a special date should be waited for its launch. That of December 3, in fact.

How is the PlayStation Classic

A launch indeed well thought out, that of Sony. Looking at its retrogaming console, in fact, it seems to have in front of our eyes the same device released in Japan exactly 24 years ago. Of course, the dimensions of the PlayStation Classic are not the same as the one launched in 1994, but its appearance and materials are exactly the same. The differences between the two consoles, however, are mainly inside the body: the retrogaming console has an ARM processor, an emulation system for the latest games and HDMI port to connect the device to the latest generation TVs

What concerns the PlayStation Classic video games, however, we find 20 of the most successful titles of the Japanese video game platform. They range from Final Fantasy VII to Metal Gear Solid, including Rayman, GTA, Resident Evil's Director Cut and Tekken 3.