PlayStation Network down, Sony service not working today

Since 9:45 am on August 28, 2020 PlayStation NEtwork is down and users can't access the platform. Here's what's going on

The PlayStation Network is down: as of 9:45 this morning, August 26, 2020, Sony's service is not allowing users to access their profile. Those who try to enter are shown the error codeĀ error "nw-31144-3" and the notice that the main PS4 is not activated. A clear error, since users assure that they always use the same console. This is most likely a bug that needs an update to be fixed.

Update that actually arrived around 10:30 am, but that did not fix anything. Users are reporting that after installing the update they are still unable to log into PSN and play their favorite titles. The disruption, however, does not affect all PlayStation 4 users: some are online and playing without any hiccups. At the moment there are hundreds of reports online and Sony technicians are certainly working to solve the problem that makes the PlayStation Network down as soon as possible.

Why PlayStation Network is not working today

The causes that are leading many users to not be able to access the PlayStation Network are still not very clear. It doesn't seem to depend on the servers, since the page on the PlayStation website dedicated to the status of the servers reports that everything is perfectly working. Given the type of problem and the various messages left by users online, it seems that it's a system bug, which requires an ad hoc software update.

The reports are already in their hundreds, as witnessed by, a site usually used by users to check if a service or an app is working. Sony is certainly working to resolve the malfunction that has affected the PlayStation Network and certainly in the next few hours everything will return to normal. Technicians just need to figure out what's causing the PSN down.

Update 1:30pm. The problem is being resolved.