PlayStation Network not working August 23, what’s happening

Since 8:00 am on the morning of August 23, the PlayStation Network is not working and does not allow players to log in. Unknown the causes of the problems

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is down: users who try to access their account receive an error message and cannot play their video games. The problem began to appear around 8:00 am on the morning of August 23 and seems to have affected not only Italian users, but those around the world.

The problem was also reported by Sony itself on the PlayStation website. In the page dedicated to the status of the PlayStation Network we find this message "You may experience difficulties when logging in or creating an account on PlayStation™Network. Our technicians are trying to resolve the issue as quickly as possible; we thank you for your patience." The down of the PlayStation Network affects several services: the management of your account, you can't start video games and use social apps, PlayStation Video and PlayStation Music don't work and you can't access the online store.

Why the PlayStation Network is not working

With the PSN down users can't play online games and can't access their social profiles using Sony's console. The disruption does not only affect Italian users, but there are reports from all over the world. As announced by the same Japanese company, technicians are already working to restore the proper functioning of the PlayStation Network as soon as possible. For the moment, the causes of the PSN down are unknown. In the coming hours we will certainly know more.