PlayStation Network not working today, what’s going on

Since 10:00 am on March 11, many users have problems accessing the PlayStation Network. Here's what's going on

Many users are reporting difficulty accessing the PlayStation Network, Sony's platform for online gaming. The PlayStation Network, however, is not down: the problem is the TIM network, as we reported in this article. For at least a couple of hours, the Internet network of the telephone operator has been giving problems with gaming platforms: Xbox users or those who are trying to download Call of Duty: Warzone or access Fortnite are in the same situation.

On the web page dedicated to the status of operation of the PlayStation Network services, in fact, it is reported that everything is fully functional. This means that the problem is with the users' Internet network and not with the platform. Reading the comments of users on social networks, the problem is the same for everyone: you can not play or download new content. We do not know the reasons for the problems that are affecting the TIM network, but we just have to wait. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Why the PlayStation Network is not working March 11, 2020

The explanation is very simple: the problem only affects those who have the TIM Internet network at home. The inefficiency does not concern the gaming platform, but the Internet connection. It is not known for what reason, but since this morning TIM users are unable to access online games and some foreign sites.

Reading the comments of users, the problems are identical for all: Profile status on PlayStation Network that remains "offline", you can not create online parties with your friends or play multiplayer. Moreover, the service disruption does not affect a single area of Italy, but the entire peninsula, from North to South. In order to solve the PlayStation Network downtime, all that remains is to wait for the TIM technicians to do their work.

Update 3pm. The problem seems to have been solved. You can now access the PlayStation Network.