PlayStation Network not working today. What’s happening

Since 11:00 am on May 6, 2020, the PlayStation Network is not working and users can't play games. Here's what's happening

Complicated morning for PS4 users: since 11:00 am on May 6, 2020 there are several problems with the PlayStation Network, with a surge in reports after 12:00 pm. Users are unable to access the PSN and play their favorite titles. Reading the comments appeared online, when you try to access the PlayStation Network you receive a message that "PSN is under maintenance".

A situation a bit 'paradoxical that you are living in these minutes. While users are unable to access the PlayStation Network, on the other hand Sony reports that the platform is fully functional. Accessing the web page dedicated to the status of the PSN, in fact, there are no problems. It's very likely that today's PSN maintenance wasn't planned and Sony is quickly dealing with the problem that users are experiencing. Technicians are already working to get the platform back online as soon as possible.

Why the PlayStation Network is down

After 12pm, reports of PSN down have skyrocketed, with thousands of players unable to access their profiles. It is not known at this time the causes that are leading to problems with the platform of the PS4, but it would seem that Sony is doing maintenance work. This means that within a short time the PSN should be back to working perfectly. In the meantime, as reported by, the reports are many.

Update at 13:00. The problem has been solved.