PlayStation Network not working today, what’s happening

The PlayStation Network has not been working since 4:40 p.m. on October 1. A message appears warning users that the PSN is under maintenance. What's happening

PlayStation Network is down again today, June 22, 2021: all info here

PlayStation Network is down. Big problems for the Sony service that since 16:40 on October 1 does not allow users to access their personal account. Those who try to log in, read a message announcing that the PSN is under maintenance, but the reasons are not known. Some have even tried downloading an update, with no apparent result.

On, a portal that collects user comments when a service or app is not working, hundreds of reports have come in within minutes. The problem seems to be generalized and PSN is down all over Italy, but not only. Problems are also reported in the rest of Europe and the United States. The PSN maintenance was not planned or at least the players were not aware of it. I'm sure Sony technicians are working to resolve the situation and get the Play Station Network back up and running as soon as possible. We'll keep you updated.

Why PSN is under maintenance

We don't know the reasons why Sony has decided to suddenly put the PlayStation Network under maintenance. The only sure thing is that for the moment the PSN is down and users cannot access their personal profiles. Probably the Japanese company has encountered some problems in the online service and has decided to temporarily take PSN offline. We will continue to follow the story and keep you updated.

Update at 18:45. PSN is working again.