PlayStation Now: beta registration open

PlayStation Now arrives in Italy: in February the beta phase will be opened and for the official release will have to wait until the end of 2019

Official: PlayStation Now will land very soon in Italy. To announce it is the same Sony has released an official statement on its website announcing the arrival of the service in Italy and other European countries (Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden). In February will be launched the beta version, while for the official platform there is still no official date: if the tests will be successful PlayStation Now will see the light in Italy by the end of the year, and maybe even before.

Already in previous weeks we talked about the possibility that PlayStation Now arrived in Italy in a few weeks. Sony had leaked online a video of the platform completely translated into Italian, a sign that the company was now close to release the service in the Bel Paese. Now Italian users have the chance to sign up for the beta version and be among the lucky testers who will try PlayStation Now while waiting for the official release, which will take place by the end of 2019.

PlayStation Now, how to participate in the testing phase

The beta phase will be reserved for a limited number of users only: to become an official tester you'll have to register on the official page and hope to be chosen by Sony. The tests will be open only to PlayStation 4 users, for Windows will have to wait a few more weeks / months.

PlayStation Now, what is it and how it works

PlayStation Now is a service active in twelve countries  (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, United States) that allows you to play streaming over 600 titles of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS2 on PlayStation 4 and Windows computers. The service works like Netflix: you stream the game without having to download it to your console or computer's hard drive. To get a good quality you need to have a fast Internet connection.

The catalog of titles is constantly updated with new titles and it is rumored that Sony is preparing some surprise for the arrival of PlayStation Now in Italy.

Devices compatible with PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is supported by PlayStation 4 and Windows 10 computers.

How much does PlayStation Now cost

Sony has not provided official information on the price of monthly and annual subscription. One can speculate the price by analyzing the cost of PlayStation Now in the countries where it is already active. The price of the monthly subscription should be 16.90 euros, while the annual subscription should be around 80 euros.