Plex, 80 new free TV channels: here’s how to watch them

Plex adds to its offer over 80 free TV channels: here's how to watch them on your smart TV and smartphone

Plex, the free streaming app available in Italy since December last year, renews itself and expands its offer: since a few days over 80 TV channels are available for free streaming. And the offer is not only valid for the United States, but the eighty channels have been released throughout the more than 200 countries in which the app is available. It's a very wide and varied offer, ranging from single-topic channels dedicated to cinema, up to channels for sports or children.

A very important choice made by Plex, which in this way tries to strengthen its presence in the streaming sector, where so far has suffered from the presence of giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. The operation of Plex is very interesting, but so far does not seem to have taken much root in Italy: users can watch free content in exchange for seeing advertisements. A bit like the system used by normal TV, but struggling to take root even in the online streaming sector. And the same system Plex wants to use for the vision of eighty TV channels: users will have to get used to see advertising.

What are the new eighty TV channels on Plex

Plex has expanded its offer by opening up to online streaming of individual TV channels, but they can not be seen on demand. A wide and varied offer able to put in serious difficulty the traditional TV, especially in countries where digital terrestrial is not free. Plex Live TV is based on the classic system of advertisements in exchange for free viewing: while viewing, users will be obliged to see them in order to continue using the service.

Eighty TV channels is a wide offer that can really satisfy everyone. Among the channels that will be available is the Reuters channel to stay informed with the latest news from around the world. Toon Goggles, a TV channel dedicated to children with cartoons and ad-hoc programs, Sports Network (no need for an explanation, the name is quite clear) and IGN TV, the channel dedicated to e-sports.

This is only a very small part of what is present on Plex Live TV: there are monothematic channels on cinema or anime, but also on economy, animals and the inevitable food. Most of the TV channels are in English, but there are also some in Spanish, Chinese and South Korean. To get a complete idea of the TV offer, Plex has created an ad hoc page on its website.

How to watch Plex

The Plex application is available on every electronic device connected to the network: smartphones (Google Play Store and App Store), smart TVs and computers. Just access the application and choose what to watch, from the streaming channels and the library composed of movies and TV programs.