Pocketalk, the simultaneous translator that fits in your pocket

Fear of going abroad because you don't know any languages? Don't worry: with Pocketalk, you will be able to break down any language barrier

Imagine being able to visit any country in the world, even the most exotic, without fear of language. To be able to talk to every person you meet without worrying, to be able to ask the locals for directions without fear of being misunderstood or not understanding perfectly the answer you receive.

As the claim of a well-known advertisement goes, "Imagine, you can". And it's all thanks to Pocketalk, a pocket-sized device that, by exploiting powerful voice recognition and artificial intelligence algorithms, is able to replace any simultaneous translator, pocket dictionary or tour guide in the world. Made by the Japanese company Sourcenext, Pocketalk is an electronic interpreter capable of breaking down any language barrier that has held you back until now. This device, in fact, can translate into over 74 languages (and counting) in real time or almost, with an accuracy superior to that of Google Translate.

How Pocketalk works

Similar in shape and size to a bar of soap, Pocketalk is equipped with several microphones and a small LCD display showing both the phrase "picked up" and the translation. To use it, you must select two of the available languages and wait a few moments. To start translating into one of the two languages, simply press the button corresponding to your native language and start speaking. Pocketalk is capable of recording and analyzing up to 30 seconds at a time: once the Japanese company's algorithms have done their work, the translation will be read aloud and, at the same time, displayed on the Pocketalk screen. If our interlocutor wants to respond, all he has to do is press the button corresponding to his language and "dictate" to the device.

To work, Pocketalk needs an always-on network connection. At the time of purchase - the cost of this pocket translator is $249 - you'll be able to choose whether to include a tariff plan. The most convenient one is the one provided in partnership with Soracom, which, for an additional $50, lets you connect for two years worldwide without consumption limits.